Two Wheel Thunder TV reviews Rider's Rest Hammock

On March 27, 2011 my friend Jim Marshall and myself from Wiskybilt in Albright West Virginia, took a ride to Dayton Ohio to meet Pat and Jimmy Kay from Two Wheel Thunder TV. It was about 6:30 pm when we filled our scoots with some high grade gas at the local station "North Preston Kwik Stop", for the start of our trip. And a cold trip it was. We run down the super slab to Clarksburg, WV where we picked up Rt 50 to head west. On through Chillicothe and into The Southwest corner of Dayton at about 2:00 am we pulled into the drive where we would be camping for the night. ( Pat and Jimmy offered us refuge inside but we have been here before and with a new hammock to test we setup outside and started to turn in.) Just in time for the storm to start, quickly we moved Jim's bed roll under the porch roof before he got soaked, as for myself, I had the new rain fly setup we are working on. The next day comes and I'm still dry and warm, even though I was only laying on top of my sleeping bag. A great breakfast from Pat and we were into the shop installing the hammock and shooting video and pics. Pat and Jimmy were fantastic to work with and we felt absolutely at home working and talking with them. They picked Curt Belcher to be the recipient of the hammock we donated to them, and I'm sure he will be happy to have it this summer. Especially since he is riding the Hoka Hey Challenge this year. After the install was complete, Jimmy did some testing for the comfort and seemed to be right at home, kicked back with the wheels spinning about how many places this would come in handy.

Jimmy hanging out in the Riders Rest Hammock


A short visit with Curt and we were headed back East, at 6:45 pm in the storm, mid 30s with rain hail and high winds, tornado watches all around and here we GO!

A long ride back the same way we came almost. Got a little off track at one point and ended up traveling some pretty foggy thin back roads for a little while. But at 3:00 am we were finally rolling the covers back to show our girls how cold it was outside. I didn't ask Jim how his girl liked it, but I can say that Tina was not really impressed. That's the biggest Queen sized bed I've seen since I met


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