Lone Star Rally
Monday Nov 1,2010 Wiskybilt and I head out on another ride. I am pulling a new trailer behind with my 05. He is headed to California to ride in the Love Ride with Jay Leno and I am headed to Galveston, TX for the Lone Star Rally. We ride together until Knoxville,TN. I stop at the TA Truck stop at I-40 an I-75. They have a Dennyís so that means they are tops in my book. Very nice location to put the hammock up and catch some sleep. Tuesday Nov 2,2010. Rain, Rain and did I say Rain? Wow, Georgia, Alabama right into Louisiana, rain all day. The trailer is pulling good even in wet road construction. Thanks to my buddy CW for hooking me up with PiggyBacker. . I finally stop in Hammond,LA on I-12 for the night. Another TA truck stop but no Dennyís. Oh well at least I can get in the Jungle Hammock with the rain fly and ride out the storm. High winds and rain all night. I did okay just need to adjust the rain fly. Up early waiting on daylight. Rain has let up some I will make Galveston tonight. Wednesday Nov 3,2010 I am all checked in at the Lone Star Rally and have my spot. First time here and it is a beautiful town. Canít find a Dennyís , so its Popeyeís chicken for dinner. Thursday Nov 4, 2010. My spot is 2 blocks from the water and I can see the cruise ship pulling in. The rain has stopped and the sun is out. The people are starting to arrive. This is going to be a great rally Friday Nov 5,2010. The rally is in full swing. It is wall to wall bikes. Almost all of them have light kits on them. The ìStrandî (main street) is jam packed with bikes and people. Saturday Nov 6,2010. Found the best Mexican Restaurant in the world. It is around 18th street off the Strand. I suffer from CRS so I will have to get back to you with the name. The rally is going strong. I just saw Jay Allen for the Broken Spoke. Lots of people here. Sunday Nov 7,2010. Time to hook up the trailer and start home. I make Katy, TX and find a TA truck stop. They have a new Dennyís J. Into the hammock and goodnight. Monday Nov 8,2010. Stop by my good friends at Austin H/D and headed North. I make Texarkana and find a TA truck stop. Weather good. Tuesday Nov 9,2010 I make Nashville,TN. Find another TA Truck stop for the night. Enjoy some fine Dennyís food and a shower. Temperature drops to 40 degrees. Glad I had my sleeping bag in the hammock. Wednesday Nov 10,2010. Temperature is dropping as I get into West Virginia. It is going to be 30 tonight in Wytheville,VA Thursday Nov 11,2010. Stop by Coleís HD. I got to meet Charlie Cole. What a great guy and a great store. Well time to get my road weary bones home and plan our next big adventure. See you on the road



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